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Important Message from Rob Dumont
 Reflections on Leadership - How to Gain New Perspective
 The phrase, "It's lonely at the top" has been uttered so many times that it's become cliche - but for C-suite leaders, it's more than that. It"s reality. As you ascend the career ladder, the number of people you can confide in dwindles. If you are an executive officer, one of the essentials for effective leadership is having someone you can turn to and say "I'm struggling..." or, "I need to talk about this decision."
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Advocacy News
NAFTA Modernization Outreach Meeting
Mr. Dumont attended the NAFTA Modernization Outreach Meeting. Here is a copy of the meeting's handout. The document is a comprehensive guide of what you might give thought to concerning the renegotiation of NAFTA. Please read the handout and address your comments or questions by email to either, or both, Zvi S. Rosen at and/or Rosalyn C. Steward at

US-China Economic & Security Review Commission:  
2018 Annual Report to Congress
Manufacturing & Technology News says every American should read this report to Congress and they will have a different perspective of the U.S.-China relationship and the federal government's unwillingness to defend the interests of American companies and their workers. Full article

In The News
Crowdsourcing a Great Reply for Dem Pres Candidates on Medicare for All Questions 
85% of Democrats support medicare for all. But the corpstream media shills are throwing misleading poll question results at democratic candidates for president. The goal of this article is to provide some better answers than the candidates have been giving.  Full Article
From Industry Week:
Lessons in Lightweighting: Steel Still Easier on Air?
Lightweighting has always been important in the automotive industry. The lighter a vehicle is, the easier it is for the power systems to make it go and the braking systems to make it stop.
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Ann Coulter's Wall and Trump's Continuing Drive towards Fascism
The history of "Trump's Wall" is well known. Big item on the campaign trail. Big rouser of crowds. Big focus of back-and-forths from History's Greatest Con Man. And of course, really big focus, big back-and-forth, with the punch line: "Who is going to pay for the Wall? Mexico" (which could have been followed by a rhyming "ho, ho, ho," but the crowd might have really believed it and Trump-the-Con-or in this case might actually have believed it too).  Full Article

From Industry Week: 
State of 3D Printing 2019: All Grown Up & Ready to Work
Additive manufacturing, the ultimate child of the ‘80s, has finally proven itself ready for grown up, high-volume work. We delve into how that happened and where it will take the greater manufacturing industry.  Full Article
In a World of Corporate-Backed Politicians, Beware the Sounds of Sirens
My copy of Homer's The Odyssey, a remnant of high school Latin days,has been gathering dust on a shelf for decades now. But I've been thinking more about the book in recent years, especially as my writing has increasingly turned to the psychology of propaganda.   Full Article

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Buying America Back
A Real-Deal Blueprint for Restoring American Prosperity
by: Alan Uke

Buying America Back outlines a plan to turn back the tide with a grass-roots movement to promote American industry by helping American consumers have a better understanding of where their goods (and services) come from.
Accurate disclosure would enable consumers to reward local producers or those with high local-product content. Uke points out that this approach is increasingly popular with food, and prevalent in many other countries.

"As more products are produced globally, it's not as simple as buying American anymore. Alan clearly walks you through the relationship between where a product is made and how important a fair trade ratio is to the United States.

Every once in a while, you'll stumble upon a book that significantly changes the way you see the world. This is one of those books...what was most striking about this work is its potential - with no trade restrictions, subsidies, or costly regulations (and almost no cost to businesses or taxpayers!) - to drastically improve the state of the U.S. economy on the scale of tens or hundreds of billion dollars and hundreds of thousands of new jobs annually.

Find this book at Amazon .