TMTA Backs H.R. 1276:
TMTA Fights for You for Currency Reform
H.R. 1276 is the same as H.R. 639 (112th Congress). Its aim is to amend title VII of the Tariff Act of 1930 to clarify that countervailing duties may be imposed to address subsidies relating to a fundamentally undervalued currency of any foreign country.
Previous legislation (H.R. 639 (112th Congress) and H.R. 2378) gained popularity, but did not pass both the House and Senate. H.R. 1276 begins the process again as proof that we will not give up the fight.
You can help by contacting your legislator. Track H.R. 1276 here.
The Coalition for a Prosperous America has created an easy and quick way to send an e-mail to your Representative. Visit their page here.
Complying with US Export Controls
and the Export Control Reforms
The East Michigan District Export Council will be hosting an Export Control Seminar on May 13-15 at the Gem Theater in Detroit.
Export Control Regulations are in the midst of their greatest revision in over 20 years. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the regulations and the Export Control Reform Initiative directly from BIS regulatory experts.
Presenters will include speakers from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and also the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and the Bureau of the Census.
Upon completion of the program, an official USDOC/BIS Certificate of Training will be issued to attendees.
For more information and to register to attend, click here.
In The News
From the New York Times:
Poachers Attack Beloved Elders of California, Its Redwoods
It was an unlikely crime scene: a steep trail used by bears leading to a still, ancient redwood grove. There, a rare old-growth coast redwood had been brutally hacked about 15 times by poachers, a chain saw massacre that had exposed the treeís deep red heartwood. Full article
From CNN News:
Spinal cord work is unexpected shocker: 'This is a breakthrough'
At her research lab at the University of Louisville, neuroscientist Susan Harkema turned her back to her study subject to check a reading on a computer screen. "Hey Susie, look at this," the patient called out to her. "I can move my toe!" Startled, Harkema spun around. The purpose of her study, which involves sending electrical stimulation to broken spinal cords, was to learn more about nerve pathways, not to actually make patients move. Full article
From IndustryWeek:
Exploring the Limits of OSHA's Inspection Authority: A Precursor to Exercising Your Rights
If an OSHA inspector, known as a compliance safety and health officer (CSHO), arrives at your door, presents his or her credentials, and asks for you to consent to an inspection of your workplace, what do you do? Full article
From Manufacturing & Technology News:
Defense Science Board: Offshoring Of U.S. Manufacturing Has Created National Security Vulnerabilities
For the first time perhaps ever, a U.S.-government report has stated that the shift of American manufacturing
overseas is causing a decline in Americans' standard of living. Full article
Ending Currency Manipulation Could Create 5.8 Million Jobs in U.S.
Called the Single Most Important Policy Change for U.S. Workers. The United States could create up to 5.8 million new jobs if it acted to end global currency manipulation, according to a report released today by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). The study found that every state would see significant job gains within three years, with a major impact on manufacturing job growth. Full article
From IndustryWeek:
US Appeals Court Overturns $920 Million Award to DuPont
A U.S. federal appeals court Thursday overturned a ruling that ordered South Korea's Kolon Industries to pay
$920 million to rival chemical giant DuPont (IW 500/38) for alleged theft of trade secrets. Full article
From the Manufacturing & Technology News:
USTR Says Korea Trade Deal Is A Boom; Critics Say It Is A Bust
The results of the Korea Free Trade Agreement signed two years ago in March are in dispute. The Obama
administration claims the deal has been great for the American economy by increasing exports. But critics have data that point to the exact opposite conclusion. Each accuses the other of fabricating their facts. Full article
News You Need
Health Care Reform Information
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bill Percha at 586-904-9700. Bill is TMTA's endorsed insurance provider and he can assist members with their every insurance need.
For additional Health Care Reform Issues, go to our Health Care Act Information & Resources page  
21st Century Trade Agreement Principles
We simply cannot afford to have only multinationals influencing our government's trade policy. Your company signature gives the Coalition for a Prosperous America more clout before trade officials and Congress to influence future trade deals so America can benefit.
If you are an authorized representative of your business/organization (no individuals); please add your business/organization name to this document.
Save Your Business Money and Bring Yourself Peace of Mind!
Have you conducted an annual property and liability insurance checkup to ensure that your existing coverage is still giving you the protection you need against unforeseen risks? Are the rates you are paying the best they can be?
This is the perfect time of the year to get quotes from other carriers.
Contact TMTA's endorsed property and liability insurance agent, Jay Poplawski of the Wilson Agency, at 1-800-638-1174 to get your "TMTA Insurance Checkup" today.
MyBlue-Individual health plans from Blue Cross -- Click here to get in contact with your association
Million Jobs Project Aims to Create One Million American Jobs by Buying American Made!
Flex your muscles as a consumer to create one million new jobs!
It's as easy as one, two three.
1. Watch the video above.
2. Take the pledge at the Million Jobs Project webpage here .
3. Share this project with at least two friends.
Need to Know
From the
Michigan Daily:

Michigan Picked for Manufacturing Hub
President Barack Obama announced the making of a new manufacturing innovation institute focused on lightweight and modern metals that will open in Metro Detroit this spring.

TMTA encourages you to patronize the companies on our Made In America page who manufacture items in the USA. Click on the flag below.
Vicore is an Information Technology Solution provider providing quality cost effective IT Solutions.
They are dedicated to helping businesses gain an advantage by securing and optimizing their IT environments, by leveraging leading technologies to improve productivity and by reducing technology costs.
For more information, contact Akram Saeed at 248-602-3148 ext. 1002 or visit their website.
Buying America Back
A Real-Deal Blueprint for Restoring American Prosperity
by: Alan Uke
Buying America Back outlines a plan to turn back the tide with a grass-roots movement to promote American industry by helping American consumers have a better understanding of where their goods (and services) come from.
Accurate disclosure would enable consumers to reward local producers or those with high local-product content. Uke points out that this approach is increasingly popular with food, and prevalent in many other countries.
Determined consumer leadership on this issue, he maintains, could goad Congress into action and prompt corporations to revive domestic production.
"As more products are produced globally, it's not as simple as buying American anymore. Alan clearly walks you through the relationship between where a product is made and how important a fair trade ratio is to the United States. By educating consumers on this, Alan proposes using consumer choice and economic freedom to succeed where the big government programs have failed--moving the economy and producing jobs."--U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA)
Every once in a while, you'll stumble upon a book that significantly changes the way you see the world. This is one of those books...what was most striking about this work is its potential - with no trade restrictions, subsidies, or costly regulations (and almost no cost to businesses or taxpayers!) - to drastically improve the state of the U.S. economy on the scale of tens or hundreds of billion dollars and hundreds of thousands of new jobs annually.
Find this book at Amazon.